How Much Does Mileage Affect Insurance Premiums?

Mileage is just one of many factors affecting the cost of auto insurance. Others include the type and model of vehicle you drive, how much coverage you purchase, your deductible, your age, your gender, your driving record and where you live.

Annual mileage isn’t necessarily a major consideration in setting insurance rates. In fact, policyholders driving 30,000 miles per year paid just 1% to 3% more on average than those driving 10,000 miles per year, according to insurance industry site The Zebra.

The exception is in California, where insurers can weigh mileage as one of the top three factors determining insurance premiums (along with driving record and number of years behind the wheel). In California, 30,000 mile-per-year drivers pay an average of 30% more than those who drive 10,000 miles per year or less, according to The Zebra.

If your high mileage is due to ride-share driving, you’ll need special insurance, which can increase your premiums.

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