There are different ways of IT consumption.

Think of investing in your own equipment, leasing, XaaS, Cloud or other forms. Dell Technologies offers the complete portfolio as a service. Ruud Mulder, Michael van Til and Luc van Tongeren, all working for Dell Technologies, talk about the new as-a-Service propositions. And highlight how organizations can benefit from this.

“When it comes to IT, companies want to be unburdened,” says Van Til, Advisory System Engineer at Dell Technologies. “On the one hand, they want less and less management themselves, after all IT is not their core business. They want to outsource it to partners as much as possible.” On the other hand, you see the trend that companies want to pay according to use.

Or, as Luc van Tongeren, Account Manager Dell Financial Services says: “You used to buy equipment. This required upfront financing and then the systems were written off over a number of years.” The complete range of Dell Technologies – services, hardware, software and financing – is now available as a complete solution by customers as a service, for a fixed amount per month. Dell Technologies launched this offering under the name Project APEX. Any specific add-ons from partners can also be part of the solution that is made available in this way.

Van Tongeren makes it clear that this proposition offers a high degree of flexibility. “If a company grows, they will purchase more, if there is contraction due to circumstances and therefore less consumption, then we will also reduce the monthly subscription fee.”

Ruud Mulder, the moderator, is already wondering whether the as-a-Service proposition automatically leads to cloud solutions. “That is not necessarily necessary”, Van Til makes clear. “In many companies there is a multi-cloud strategy, in combination with an on-premise infrastructure. With the Dell Technologies offering, it doesn’t matter where the data or the applications are located. And the customer can manage the entire environment as a whole.

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