Worldstream and Dell Technologies bring the cloud experience to the next level

With over 15 years’ knowledge of and experience with data centers, servers, and network management, Worldstream is a rapidly expanding IaaS-provider, operating more than 15,000 dedicated servers distributed across two datacenters. Through their extensive knowledge of infrastructures, Worldstream enables IT organizations and service providers to kickstart their as-a-service exactly as envisioned.

In this equation, Dell Technologies meets all expectations: “PowerEdge servers bringing energy-efficiency coupled with high-performance on a cost-effective basis. Over 6,000 servers are equipped with AMD processors, that offer both the scalability and density the company needs to face a wide range of customer’s needs.”

Referit, performance at scale

Take advantage of the testimonial of Referit, a key player in the cloud computing space for more than 10 years, that is hosted on the Worldstream network. With a focus for personal contact to ensure fitting custom made and complete business solutions. Always thinking of making processes smarter, simpler, and more efficient.

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